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Age reporter named nation's best young journalist

Friday June 26, 2009
THE Age's health reporter, Julia Medew, has been named the 2009 Young Australian Journalist of the Year.

Organ Donation 'the Right Thing'

Thursday January 1, 2009
LAURI Evans, of Muswellbrook, believes her decision to stand by her 28-year-old daughter's wish to be an organ donor was the right thing to do.

Stem Cell World-first A Breath Of Fresh Air In Spanish Woman's Stalled Life

Thursday November 20, 2008
IN WHAT is being hailed as a world first that could revolutionise organ transplants, doctors in Spain have replaced a woman's damaged windpipe using one created from stem cells in a laboratory.

Dead Or Alive: Choice Is Not Always Easy

Sunday October 26, 2008
FOR millennia, religious authorities have defined death as the stilling of the heart and the absence of breath. But all that changed in the 1960s when organ transplants became medically feasible.

Double Thanks To Organ Donors

Wednesday October 22, 2008
JOHN Miller and his stepdaughter Andrea, of Tenambit, know the benefits of organ donation.

Organ Donation Overhaul

Sunday February 17, 2008
THE Rudd Government will overhaul Australia's organ donation system because millions of dollars spent to encourage people to register as donors has not saved a single life.

Transplants Dip As China Takes Criticism To Heart

Friday September 7, 2007
THE number of organ transplants, and possibly executions, in China appears to have dropped sharply this year as Chinese authorities respond to criticism of a gruesome commercial transplant trade, says a leading medical authority just back from Beijing.

Requests Of Organ Donors To Prevail

Sunday January 30, 2005
ORGAN transplants are expected to increase this year after Australian health ministers changed the rules to ensure the wishes of donors are honoured.

Law Change To Make Organ Donations Easier

Saturday April 24, 2004
Waiting lists for organ transplants are set to fall after health ministers agreed yesterday to a major change to organ donor laws.

Virus Fears Cloud Future Of Animal Organ Transplants

Thursday January 10, 2002
Australians will be asked to consider whether the benefits of organ transplants from animals outweigh the risks of viruses being transmitted to humans.

Organ Donors Face New Screening

Monday January 8, 2001
New rules governing organ transplants could be introduced as part of a growing list of measures aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of mad cow disease.

Transplant Work To Continue Amid Fears

Tuesday August 15, 2000
Work towards pig-to-human organ transplants would continue in Australia despite the collapse of a British research project, Australian experts said yesterday. Fears that humans could contract unknown and uncontrollable diseases from pig organs have prompted corporate backers to withdraw funding

The Beast In Me

Saturday August 5, 2000
As transplant waiting lists soar, the question of using animal organs in humans where the risks and rewards are huge is increasingly in the spotlight. EVERY 14 minutes, a new name is added to a waiting list for organ transplants in the US. There are more than 70,000 people on the list at prese

Brain-box Aid In Transplants

Sunday April 16, 2000
Artificial intelligence could be used in future to help doctors predict more accurately which patients will successfully receive organ transplants in a bid to overcome Australia's desperate donor shortage. Canberra Hospital researchers are adapting an artificial neural network black box computer

Death Gives New Heart To Transplants

Monday March 1, 1999
Tokyo: Japan's first officially sanctioned organ transplants have begun after a 44-year-old woman, crippled by a massive brain hemorrhage, was confirmed brain dead yesterday. It has enabled the woman's heart, lungs, liver and kidneys to be conveyed to patients across the country and set in train

Wait For Organs Set To Increase

Saturday December 5, 1998
More than 1600 Australians are waiting up to three years for life-saving organ transplants, national health statistics show. Doctors predicted yesterday that some waiting lists would lengthen as the hepatitis epidemic and an increase in diabetes-associated renal failure meant more people would ne

New Theory Offers Hope For Safer Organ Transplants

Saturday March 23, 1996
New research has contradicted scientists' fundamental understanding of immunity and may lead to more successful organ transplants and babies being vaccinated earlier. Research in today's edition of the United States journal Science shows that newborn mice can be effectively vaccinated against dis

Beijing Accused On Organ Use

Monday August 29, 1994
Beijing, Monday. China is using executed prisoners as a principal source of supply for organ transplants, deliberately botching some executions to ensure the victims are still alive when the body parts are removed, a human rights report said today. According to the report released by the United

Raring To Go In The State Of Organ Footy Game

Thursday June 10, 1993
This is the New World XI. This team could not have been put together before the winter season of 1993. Now, in a way, every day is summer for the players. They live and play today because they have new organs. Ten of the players have had organ transplants - heart, liver, kidney, hear

Solutions Sought To Donor Shortage

Friday August 2, 1991
MELBOURNE: An increasing shortage of human donors means that xenografts -using organs and tissue from animals in humans - will have to be carefully evaluated, according to an authority on organ transplants. The head of the transplantation unit at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medi

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